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AQUA PRO (Probiotic Promoter Supplement For Fish | For Fish-Feed Formulation) 1kg


AQUA PRO is a probiotic feed supplement specially formulated for irreversible binding of a wide range of pathogens. It improves fish growth and immunity. Indicated for inclusion in fish feed during feed formulation.

AQUA PRO feed supplement specially formulated for the irreversible binding of a wide range of pathogens in the fish gut.

It helps prevent re-infection, thereby increasing overall fish quality and productivity. Probiotic promoter feed supplement specially formulated to improve fish growth and immunity.

Aqua Pro establishes desirable intestinal microbial balance, giving the beneficial bacteria an upper hand against the pathogenic bacteria.

Thus, this formulation creates a probiotic environment that promotes early intestinal maturity, leading to improved absorption of nutrients and consequently improved production.

Indications for Aqua Pro:
  • Irreversible binding of a wide range of pathogens e.g Salmonella & E.coli with no opportunity for re-infection.
  • Aqua Pro improves feed conversion ratio as well as weight gain in all stages of fish growth.
  • Reduces disease outbreak and mortality in fish.
  • Improves growth performance and immune parameters in fish.
  • Consequently, Aqua Pro decreases medication costs.
Dosage and Administration: During the feed formulation

Recommended inclusion Rate:

  • 100g per 10kg fish feed for hatchlings and fingerlings | While formulating feed
  • 100g per 50kg fish feed for juveniles | During feed formulation

Packaging size: 100g,

Storage: Below 250C, store in a cool dry place away from sunlight

Shell life at 250C: 18 months

Specification: AQUA PRO (Probiotic Promoter Supplement For Fish | For Fish-Feed Formulation)

Item Type Probiotic feed supplement for fishes
Packaging Packaged in sachets and bags
Size 100g, 1kg bag, 5kg bag
Species Recommended for aquatic species (Fish)
Suitable For Inclusion in fish feed
Country of Origin Nigeria
Weight 100 g
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