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Bacflora-F (Triple Effect) Feed Additive for Poultry


Bacflora-F is a feed additive with combined probiotic, prebiotic, and acidifying effect. This results in optimum digestion, increased weight gain, improved feed conversion, and performance.

As a synergy of specific prebiotics plus probiotic in livestock feed, Bacflora-F is a recommended growth promoter, thus an alternative to antibiotics.

Bacflora-F is a useful agent to establish, and to recover altered intestinal flora after stress conditions, infections, antibiotic treatments, and dehydration. It thus includes well-chosen specific ingredients to ensure gut health performance. Current and evolving modern approach to animal feeding and disease control uses a wide variety of probiotics such as lactic acid bacteria, Bacillus spp. and prebiotics.

Composition of Bacflora-F 

The synergy of all ingredients in one formula brings many benefits for your animals.

  • Organic acids: CitricLactic and Formic acid (associated with protein hydrolysis (digestion), relatively lower pathogen load in the stomach or gizzard, improved performance parameters, and better growth performance. They possess antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial activities in low pH environments. ).
  • Inorganic acids: Orthophosphoric acid (a highly bioavailable source of bioavailable phosphorus.).
  • Probiotic spores: Bacillus licheniformisBacillus subtilisEnterococcus faecium, and Lactobacillus acidophilus. 
  • Prebiotic: High quality and functional fiber-rich, inactivated Yeast extract ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae): Supplies micronutrients and contains nutritional elements for the gut flora, thus the flora does not compete for the energy of the feed with the host, saving costs.
Features of Bacflora-F
  • Quick beneficial gut microflora establishment
  • Supports feed consumption, conversion (FCR) and weight gain
  • Bacflora-F helps to decrease transient pathogens, such as E. coliSalmonellaCampylobacter, and C. perfringens
  • Speeds up the recovery of the gut microflora, after antibiotic applications.
  • Reduces the incidence of wet litter and liquid droppings.
  • The inclusion of probiotics and prebiotics in livestock diet also improves carcass quality factors (crude fat, total solids, acidity, and total muscle fibers).

Naturally, the establishment of gut flora in young animals takes days, thus increasing the predisposition of intestinal pathogens to attach, penetrate and colonize. Probiotics are also known as direct-fed live microbial feed supplements which beneficially affect the host by enhancing mucosal resistance against pathogens, stimulating the local humoral response, and generating better immunity.

Thus, probiotics also

  1. Contribute to the early establishment of beneficial flora,
  2. Combat gastrointestinal side effects of medication,
  3. Improve health and growth in birds and livestock.
  4. Inclusion in feed helps improve poultry meat quality.
Species: Recommended for poultry and pigs
Administration and dosage:

Blend homogeneously with the feed before pelletizing.

  • At starter stage of broilers, breeders and laying hens:   0.5 kg per ton of feed.
  • At grower and finisher stages of broilers:   0.25 kg per ton of feed.
  • For pigs blend homogeneously with the feed:   Up to 0,5% of the finished feed

Precaution: Do not exceed recommended dosage!

Specification: Bacflora-F (Triple Effect) Feed Additive for Poultry

Presentation 10kg bag, 25kg bag, 500g sachet
Item Type Feed additive, Probiotic growth promoter
Suitable For Inclusion in feed, Poultry and swine
Country of Origin Hamburg, Germany
Payment Term Full Payment
SKU: gro3 Category:
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