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Broiler Battery Cages (3 Tiers | 250 Chicks | 126 Mature Birds Capacity)


These cages are specially adapted to house broiler chicks from day old till maturity. They are constructed to occupy limited land space, provide optimum ventilation for birds as well as improve performance and productivity.

  • We offer a 2% discount for the purchase of 10 units and above.
  • 12 months warranty after installation.
  • Orders and shipping include additional costs for installation and transportation of workers.

Broiler Battery Cages

The broiler battery cages are semi-automatic models designed for clean and convenient brooding within limited land spaces. They come with all the required water accessories and adjoining parts. The cages are suitable for all kinds of poultry chicks as well as mature birds in an all-in-all-out intensive management system.

Our battery cages are designed for clean and easy egg packing as well as minimal feed spillage. They are semi-automated with drinking system, premium feeding system to avoid feed wastage, durable frames for the cages and good quality connecting fittings.

The cages are categorized into

  • Origin: Locally fabricated cages.
  • Tiers: 3 tiers.
  • Capacity: 250 chicks | 126 mature broilers per unit.
  • Dimensions: 6.5 ft (198.12 cm) by 3.2 ft (97.5 cm) by 6 ft (182.9 cm)
  • Wire mesh finishing: Fully galvanized.
  • Feeder systems: Plastic feeders for chicks and PVC feeding trough for adult birds.
  • Drinking systems: Automatic drinking systems with plastic/cup/nipple drinkers.
  • We often recommend a space of 3 feet between the cages and all four sides of the walls.

Characteristics of the 250 chicks capacity cage;

  • Each cage row can hold 42 chicks.
  • Each cage row can hold 21 adult/mature broilers.
  • A whole unit contains 6 cages in 3 tiers (2 rows of cages per tier).
We also provide:
  • One year warranty
  • Please note that delay of delivery by the customer after 2 weeks attracts extra charges.

Specification: Broiler Battery Cages (3 Tiers | 250 Chicks | 126 Mature Birds Capacity)

Item Type 3 tier battery cage for broilers
Item Condition Durable and sturdy, New
Suitable For Poultry
Tier A whole unit contains 6 cages in 3 tiers
Cage capacity A whole unit can contain 250 chicks and 126 mature broilers.
Packaging/features Semi-automatic drinking systems Premium feeding system to avoid feed wastage Durable frames for the cages Good quality connecting fittings
Warranty 12 months
Dimensions 198.12 × 97.5 × 182.9 cm
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