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Chicken/Meat Cutter (Electric Powered)


This meat cutting/processing machine offers a combination of efficiency as well as time-saving options for the swift processing of poultry (slaughtered/frozen) for farmers/vendors.

It is a compact structure with sturdy parts, offers easy maintenance features and improves meat processing efficiency.

Chicken cutter
The chicken cutter finds a wide range of application in large, medium and small meat processing plants, canteen, slaughterhouses, large supermarkets etc. It is indicated for the processing of fresh/frozen meat into smaller bits, traces, cubes or strips (duck, goose, fish, ribs, frozen pork, mutton, chilled beef).

Features of the meat cutter
Highly designed and articulated parts and motors indicated for cutting meat to smaller parts and bits.
Easy to install and operate (high demand in the poultry and meat processing industry).
High-efficiency rotor blades with safeguarding.
Adjustable pad for reducing vibration and stability of the machine during utilization.
Can be adapted for tabletops, benches and floor use.

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