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Diaphragm Type Ballcock (Plastic Float/Fill-Valve for Water Flow Control)


This product (ballcock/ballcap/float-valve/fill-valve) includes a valve which is linked by a hinged arm to a ball floating on top of a liquid and opens or closes a tap automatically according to the height of the ball, especially in the cistern of a flushing toilet or adapted to the water tank for the battery cages.

  • It works via a mechanism for avoiding overflow and (in the extent of low water pressure) backflow.

Diaphragm Type Ballcocks

The diaphragm type ballcock consists of a valve connected to a hollow sealed float by means of a lever, mounted near the top of a tank. The float is often ball-shaped, hence the name ballcock. The valve is connected to the incoming water supply and is opened and closed by the lever which has the float mounted on the end. When the water level rises, the float rises with it; once it rises to a pre-set level, the mechanism forces the lever to close the valve and shut off the water flow.


  • This setup works with a principle of negative feedback/proportional control mechanism.
  • The valve has a float or other device that moves with the water level in the toilet tank, opening the fill valve after a flush and shutting off the valve when the tank is full.
  • Adjustments to the fill valve may be needed when there is not enough water in the tank, or if the valve is set too high and the water fails to shut off.
  • However, on newer plastic diaphragm ballcocks, there is an adjustment screw on the top that adjusts the height of the float rod and ball.
  • Turning the screw counterclockwise raises the water level while turning the screw clockwise lowers the water level. The water level must be below the top of the tank’s overflow tube.

Specification: Diaphragm Type Ballcock (Plastic Float/Fill-Valve for Water Flow Control)

Item Type Float valve | Plastic Diaphragm
Class Water system and flow control
Suitable For Water tanks of battery cages
Colour Red, black etc
Item Condition New
Estimated delivery (working days) Within 7 days
Weight 200 g
SKU: cock1 Category:
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