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Fish Feed Granulator | 100 – 300 kg/hr.


A fish feed granulator is used for converting feed ingredients that are in mash form into granules, resulting in strong, smooth granules that are good for feeding fish.

  • Thus, it turns mash feeds into pellets without adding water, producing various sizes of pellets – 2mm for Juveniles, 4mm for post-juveniles as well as 6mm and 8mm. The size of the pellets you choose to produce largely depends on the age and size of the fish.
  • The flat-die granulator is also a commonly used equipment in the production of organic fertilizers. It can produce cylindrical organic fertilizer particles and feed particles.


  • The feed granulator is especially beneficial for small-scale production as it is lightweight, has a simple structure, consumes low power, and is very affordable.
  • The key components are the die and roller which are made of high-quality alloy material and are well treated with heat to ensure the durability of the machine.
  • The machine is very easy to operate, and it produces very low noise.
  • The capacity of this fish feed granulator is 500 kilogram per hour
  • It has a high granulation rate.
  • Pelleted feed made by a feed pellet machine can make animals have better performance than a meal ration.
  • The heat generated in the pelletizing process can make the feedstuffs more digestible by breaking down starches.
  • It improves the palatability of the feed.
  • Pellets and granules ensure a short eating period.
  • Improved animal performance.
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