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Fish Feed Granulator | 100 – 300 kg/hr.

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Mechanical Sifter (for sieving garri) |1 – 2 tons/hr.


Because of its versatility, the Mechanical Sifter is employed in a variety of industries. Agriculture industries and food processing industries are among the most common industries. They are majorly used to sift products like gari and other related granules.

The machine sifts out the fiber from the product that is fed to it. Sifting is also used to remove lumps or growth that may have formed on goods after they have been held for a long time, and the materials are passed through an open mesh, which fines the materials. It also separates the materials by size and removes any unwanted foreign particles.

Features of a Mechanical Sifter

  • High capacity and efficient space utilization.
  • Maintenance-friendly modular construction.
  • Operating and maintenance costs are low.
  • Vibrations are amplified by springs, resulting in reduced power consumption.
  • Product features – hopper, eccentric mechanism, sifting mesh, reciprocating springs, discharge chute underflow, and overflow.
  • All stainless steel constructed, except mild steel constructed limbs and eccentric parts.

How to operate a sifter

  1. Check and double-check the sieves’ cleanliness and integrity. Ascertain that they are securely fastened to the equipment in accordance with the product specifications.
  2. Check and double-check the cleanliness of the designated scoops that will be used to pour the material.
  3. Bring the raw material to be filtered close to the sifting machine.
  4. Transfer the cleaned in-process container close to the sifter and connect the container’s inlet to the sifter’s discharge chute (tube or passage).
  5. Turn on the power, and start the machine.
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