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Feed Pelleting Machine (3 Phase – Electric Powered Model) small capacity


Self-Sucking Animal Feed Grinder/Hammermill With Fan & Cyclone | 3 Phase | 1 Ton/Hr

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One Ton High Capacity Feed Mill (1 ton/Batch/Hr | Hammermill | Mixer | Electrical Starters)


Our feed mills are available in different capacities and guaranteed to provide excellent and very even mixture of your feed ingredients.

Below are the components available in our High Capacity Feed Mill (1 ton per batch per hour):

  • Hammermill (7.5KW – with 15hp electrical motor | Capacity: 1tons/hr | 5mm thick mild steel sheet with 24 hardened steel-spring hammers with reversible teeth).
  • Dust-proof vertical mixer (5.5KW | Capacity: 1tons/batch | 3mm thick mild steel sheet with 10hp motor).
  • Electrical Starters for electrical connection (Star -delta starter for big electrical connections and DOL starter for small electrical connections).
  • The price listed covers for the purchase, installation and training.
  • We ship and install nationwide!

One Ton Feed Mill Components

Feed Mixers (Dry/Vertical Mixers)

  • Unless your feeds are properly mixed, your feed formula will still not be balanced – putting you at risk of giving improperly mixed feeds to your fishes or chickens.
  • The feed will not be the balanced formulation it is designed to be unless it is properly mixed.
  • Dry mixers are a mechanical means of achieving this and come in two main types – vertical mixers and horizontal mixers.
  • The vertical mixer consists of one or more vertical screws that elevate the ingredients to the top of the mixer where they fall by gravity to the bottom, to be mixed and re-elevated.
  • Vertical mixers are the most common type found in small livestock feed mills.

Ribbon mixer paddle mixer

Hammermills (Crushers)

In the feed processing process, there may be a number of ingredients that require some form of processing. These feed ingredients include coarse cereal grains, corn which require particle size reduction which will improve the performance of the ingredient and increase the nutritive value.

  • Ways involved in particle size reduction include the use of hammer-mills, roller mills etc.
  • Both hammering and rolling can achieve the desired result of achieving adequately ground ingredients.  Hammer mill

Advantages of using the hammer mill

  • Are able to produce a wide range of particle sizes
  • Work with any friable material and fibre
  • Ease of use
  • Lower initial investment when compared with a roller mill
  • Minimal maintenance needed
  • Particles produced using a hammermill will generally be spherical, with a surface that appears polished.
hammer mill
General Design
The major components of these hammermills, shown in the picture, include:
  • A delivery device is used to introduce the material to be ground into the path of the hammers.
  • A rotor comprised of a series of machined disks mounted on the horizontal shaft performs this task.
  • Free-swinging hammers that are suspended from rods running parallel to the shaft and through the rotor disks.
  • The hammers carry out the function of smashing the ingredients in order to reduce their particle size.
  • A perforated screen and either gravity- or air-assisted removal of ground product. Acts to screen the particle size of the hammer mill to ensure particles meet a specified maximum mesh size.
  • Materials are introduced into the paths of the hammers by a variable speed vein feeder.
  • The design and placement of hammers are determined by operating parameters such as rotor speed, motor horsepower, and open area on the screen.
  • The impact is the primary force used in a hammermill. Anything which increases the chance of a collision between a hammer and a target; increases the magnitude of the collision, or improves material take-away provides an advantage in particle size reduction.

Specification: One Ton High Capacity Feed Mill (1 ton/Batch/Hr | Hammermill | Mixer | Electrical Starters)

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Estimated delivery (working days) Available on pre-order | Nationwide shipping, Includes options for shipping and installation
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Presentation Self-sucking Hammer mill + Vertical Mixer (Dust-proof) and Electrical Starters
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