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Plantain Slicing Machine | 1 ton/day


Do you need to get your plantain sliced very fast, with ease? Then this is the machine you need. Make a purchase today.


This is a small plantain slicer machine.

It is locally fabricated with a capacity of 1ton /hour.

It is constructed with pure stainless steel.

A Plantain slicer machine cuts plantain into diagonal or round slices. The slices cut have a uniform thickness, smooth surface, and intact tissue. It is very useful for small or large scale activities. The diameter of the inlet of the machine can be customized so that more plantain can be cut at the same time. The cutting angle can also be customized. This slicing machine has high efficiency, it is easy to operate, it has a low energy consumption and it is safe to use.


The plantain slicer machine has a rotor panel and motor which performs the task of cutting the plantain at a pre-determined shape. There is an opening in which the peeled plantains are inserted and the slicing is done automatically. Afterwards, a collecting bowl is used to move the sliced plantain.


Important Points To Note About The Plantain Slicer Machine

It is easy to operate

It is a quality tool

It ensures high efficiency,

It helps save labour and manpower

The machine is made of stainless steel,

It has good resistance to corrosive materials

The cutting blades of the slicer have a special manganese steel construction. These blades have a sharp edge and can last long.

The motor of the slicer machine adopts a copper winding approach

The slicer can be adjusted to cut to a specification you want

It is a very versatile tool

Specification: Plantain Slicer | Locally Fabricated (1ton/hr)


1ton /hour



stainless steel


Country of Origin

Nigeria (Locally Fabricated)


Estimated delivery (working days)

Within 7 days


Item Condition

Locally fabricated


Item Type

Agricultural equipment


Suitable For

slicing plantain



Weight 75000 g

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