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Polidine Disinfectant (Iodophor | Antimicrobial | Fungicide)-1 Litre


Polidine is an ideal disinfectant for poultry farms and hatcheries. It helps protect livestock and farms from the spread of infectious diseases such as fowl cholera, CRD, Colibacillosis, fowl coryza, salmonellosis, aspergillosis etc.


POLIDINE is a controlled iodine releasing complex which has multifaceted action as a disinfectant and deodorant. It’s constituent; Iodine is a cost-effective and potent disinfectant.

The active ingredient of Polidine

Alkyl phenoxy, polyglycol ether iodine complex providing 1.6% available iodine.


Polidine protects birds from the spread of infectious diseases like fowl cholera, CRD, colibacillosis, fowl coryza,, salmonellosis, aspergillosis etc.


  • Do not prepare the Polidine solution in hot water.
  • Do not use for cleaning brass or copper vessels.
  • Polidine will appear yellow amber on dilution.
  • In case of a change in color, prepare freshwater


Disinfecting poultry shed-800ml/20litre of water, Cleaning plastic egg trays-20ml/litre of water, Sanitising hatching eggs-20ml/litre of water.

Directions for use

  • Empty shed ………… dilute 800ml in 20 liters of water for every 20,000 cubic feet volume shed.
  • Plastic/metal Equipment ……. dilute 20ml in one liter of water
  • Footbath ……………………   dilute 20ml in one liter of water
  • Drinking water sanitation  ……. dilute 3ml in 10 liters of water
  • Incubator/hatcher ………….dilute 30ml in one litre of water
  • Hatching eggs …………..dilute 20ml in one liter of water
  • Outside vehicle ……….. dilute 20ml in one liter of water.


  • For external use only
  • Store in a cool, dark and dry place, away from children.

Specification: Polidine Disinfectant (Iodophor | Antimicrobial | Fungicide)-1 Litre

Country of Origin Nigeria
Size 1 litre, 4 Litres
Suitable For Sanitation and disinfection
Minimum Order 2
Weight 1000 g
SKU: dis2 Category:
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