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PPS Aqua-Guard (30 Tablets | Disinfectant | Sanitizer)


Aqua-Guard is a renowned grade-1 disinfectant sanitizer for exclusive use in the poultry and dairy industry.

  • It is manufactured and recommended by the International Health Care Limited.

PPS Aqua-Guard

PPS Aqua-guard is a proven disinfectant and sanitizer available in the form of tablets.


Each 5g tablet contains Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDcc)


  • A broad spectrum of disinfectant and sanitizer, very effective for both gram+ve and gram -ve bacteria and majority of viruses, spores, algae, fungi etc.
  • Prevents the chances of occurrence of bacterial and viral diseases.

Special features

  1. Improved aeration
  2. Easy to dissolve after putting in water
  3. Rapid action on microbes once applied in water
  4. Retains action for longer duration

Dosage (Poultry)

  • Drinking water  ——————      1 tablet to 1000 litres
  • Vacant farm/shed ——————      1 tablet to 10 litres
  • Foot baths ——————      1 tablet to 10 litres
  • Vehicle/farm equipment/plastic trays ——————      1 tablet to 4 litres
  • Hatchery/Incubators/Hatchery eggs ——————       1 tablet in 4 litres
  • Fine spraying ——————       1 tablet in 750 litres
  • Hand washing or as advised by the veterinarian ——————       1 tablet in 40 litres

Specification: PPS Aqua-Guard (30 Tablets | Disinfectant | Sanitizer)

Item Type Tablet form water sanitizer
Suitable For Disinfection | Sanitization
Net contents 30 tablets
Packaging Plastic tins
Weight 200 g
SKU: dis6 Category:
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