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Protective Gears (Masks and Boots) Combo


Pathogens are very destructive and without proper care, they can harm you and your entire household. that is why is very important to guard against them. Afrimash is offering you these protective gears for an affordable fee.

Protective Gears Combo

These protective gears can help protect you against pathogens that cause serious sicknesses. That is why Afrimash is offering you these protective gears for an affordable price.

Disposable Protective Masks x 2 Packs

Rubber Boots (Rain Boots | For Farming Chores) x 5

Sterifum Environmental Fumigant Block (700g) x 5

  • Disposable Protective Mask: This is a filtration tool of 3 layers. The fabric used to make this is melt-blown. It consists of strips, anti-fog adhesive to keep it from fogging. A packet consists of 50 pieces. This is especially important in times like this because of the incidents of infectious illnesses and cases of air contamination. Health authorities also suggest that all individuals should willingly use protective masks. This can be used for important trips from home to a public location. This is an easy to dispose protective mask, therefore take precautions not to cross your hair, nose, and mouth while removing the protective mask from your face and ensure you wash your hands upon removal.
  • Rubber Boots (Rain Boots | For Farming Chores): These rubber boots are one of the basic needs of any farmer for farming activities including livestock rearing or crop production. In addition, rubber boots are valuable for personnel in other fields including engineering, carpentry, construction industries. They are made for retaining heat and are great for the comfort of your feet and are also lined with a breathable air mesh material that allows for airflow, keeping your feet from overheating. They are lightweight, so wearing them throughout the day won’t drag you down or decrease your efficiency.
  • Sterifum Environmental Fumigant Block (700g): STERIFUM is an innovative wide spectrum environmental fumigating disinfectant, which is indispensable for maintaining high productive performances. It is specifically designed to meet the high standards of disinfecting modern poultry farms.

Specification: Protective Gears (Masks and Boots) Combo

Weight 7500 g
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