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Battery Cage with PVC Feeder (3 Tier,120 Birds)


Battery Cage 3 Tier with PVC Feeder [90/96 Birds]

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PVC Feeder Trough (For Battery Cages)


We offer the PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) type plastic feeding trough which is specially adapted for coupling with the battery cages.

  • We supply any length of the PVC as specified by the customer.
  • For large orders, click menu to get a quotation and invoice forwarded to your email.

The PVC Feeder trough is indicated for feeding cages birds/layers.

  • Colour: Different types
  • Length: Adapted to the length of the chicken cage specified
  • Material: Strong and durable PVC material with anti-rust features.
  • Shape: Cylindrical and elongated with the adapted opening for poultry feed administration.
  • Appearance: Features closed ends which can be detached while cleaning the feeding trough.
Feeding poultry

In both intensive and semi-intensive systems, laying hens need constant access to food and water, and feeders should be distributed evenly.


A good feeder should be:

  • durable enough to withstand frequent cleaning;
  • stable enough not to be knocked over;
  • of the correct height and depth;
  • bird proof (such that birds cannot get into it or roost in it); and
  • equipped with a lip to prevent birds from spooning feed out onto the floor with their beaks.

The height of the feed inside the feeder, which should never be more than one-third full, should be level with the back of the birds, to prevent them from scratching contaminated litter into the feeders and to limit feed wastage.

Specification: PVC Feeder Trough (For Battery Cages)

Item Type PVC Feeder
Class Feeding trough
Suitable For Coupling with battery cages | Feeding caged layers/birds
Estimated delivery (working days) 3 to 7 days
Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 218 cm
SKU: cage2 Category:
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