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Salmo Guard Pro – Feed Safety Premix (10kg)


Salmo Guard-feed safety enhancer is indicated for the control of bacterial and fungal contamination of livestock feed, with long-lasting effect to avoid possible recontamination.

Salmo Guard helps to prevent bacterial and fungal digestive disorders caused by contaminated raw material or feed. This product contains optimum levels of Calcium-formiate and Calcium-propionate which makes it a very efficient agent against a broad spectrum of contaminants.

Control of Bacterial and Fungal contaminations in feed

Animal feed can get contaminated (field to feed mill chain). Manipulation processes of grains in animal feeding, from harvesting to storage, can allow contamination, and multiplication of bacteria and fungus.

Main contaminants include:

  • Environmental (pesticides, dioxin, industrial pollutants, heavy metals)
  • Bacterial (E. coli, Salmonella spp., Campylobacter, Clostridia)
  • Fungal (Aspergillus, penicillium, fusarium, alternaria).

Animal meals are the ideal nutritional medium for the growth of different micro‑organisms. These contaminants thus pose a serious hazard to health, in addition to destroying the nutritional value of meals.

The high dispersibility of Salmo Guard results in homogenous action through the feed. Its effect is immediate and long-lasting, which avoids possible re-contamination.

These fast and residual effects are caused by the co-existence of citric acid and its salts, which are released gradually after mixing, thus Salmo Guard also aids digestion by increasing acidity.


Callcium-formiate. Calcium-propionate, citric acid, aluminium silicate.


Salmo Guard can be used in high doses to clean silos, mixers and pellet mills.

Poultry: Control of Salmonella spp. in raw material and finished feed, thus avoiding chances of bacterial outbreaks which helps to guarantee public health.

Cattle: Improvement of the sanitary conditions, production yields, and feed conversion rates, thus helps control possible recontaminations.
Pigs: Development of an acidifying effect on the digestive tract environment with a positive influence on the nutrient digestion, absorption, and reduction of the pathogen bacterial population at the intestinal level. Thus enables lower administration of antibiotics in compound feed.

Administration and dosage

Oral, in-feed use (raw material and finished feed)

  • Low contamination risk: 0.5-2.5 kg/t
  • High contamination risk: 2.5-4.0 kg/t
  • Periodic cleaning of the installations 5.0 kg/t

10kg and 25kg bags

Specification: Salmo Guard Pro – Feed Safety Premix

Size 10kg, 25kg
Suitable For Poultry, cattle and pigs
Item Type Feed additive, Premix
Minimum Order 1 bag
Country of Origin Hamburg, Germany
Weight N/A
SKU: gro10 Category:
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