For ease of operation and order synchronization, payments for all confirmed orders are expected to come in before shipment of products. We offer bank payment (online money transfer , cash deposit, mobile money transfer) through our designated bank accounts for now. We are working hard to include other flexible payment gateways for our numerous customers.

All orders are shipped to customers on Mondays and Thursdays of every week. Some others however may get to their destination the following day, especially day old chicks Orders as transportation is mostly done at night to prevent heat stress on the birds. All orders are pre-processed before the shipping date as orders not confirmed for Monday shipment will be merged and shipped with Thursday orders and vice versa.

All other orders will be shipped as confirmed. Our policy is to get products to customers within 24hrs after payment confirmation wherever they may be in the country. Exception for this rule is for our special orders and other products which may be listed as situation demands.

All payments must be made in full at the point of booking either when checking out here online through this site, on our social media handles or through direct phone call.

All deliveries must be checked at the point of collection for quality and any complaint must be registered at the collection center. Any complaints afterwards will not be entertained.

Most of the losses of transit related mortality are usually picked up by the supplier in the bid to retain their customers. As a company, a great part of our revenue has been spent on compensation since we commenced operation as drivers are never willing to accept responsibility for dead chicks and the customers will always want compensation at all cost.
As a company we are determined to give the best form of services to all our customers across the country, but it must be stated that as a company, we are also in business for profit hence our interest should also be protected as well.
We find it necessary to come up with a replacement policy so as to have a standing document to address all transit related mortalities.

  1. Direct Routes: This describes direct destinations from Ibadan. Any loss incurred on transit will be shared equally among the driver, the customer and the company after deduction of the total extra on all the boxes is made.
    For example, assuming Mr. XXX placed an order for 20 boxes of birds and suffered 71 mortalities on transit.
    The compensation will be calculated as follows:
    Extra on all the boxes is (20 ×1) = 20
    71-20 = 51
    This implies that a total of 51 chicks will be shared equally among the three parties
    51÷3 = 17
    So the number of chicks that will be replaced by the company is 51 – 17 = 34 CHICKS
  2. In-direct Routes: This describes in-direct destinations from Ibadan e.g. Bauchi, Yola, Gombe, Calabar etc. We advise that customers are available at the terminal point so as to directly receive their products or receive through a proxy. This is to ensure that each box will be examined to ascertain any mortality in the presence of the driver.
    Any mortalities will be treated as itemized in article one.
  3. Routes with no established drivers: Some states especially southwest states do not have established drivers for DOC pick up so most of the orders aggregated from those states are usually sent through public transporters going to such states. In most cases, the risk is higher because these drivers don’t have any training regarding DOC handling. We advise that customers buying 500 and above should come down to our office to personally pick up their products. For orders less than 500, the customers will be asked to pay a token to cover for local logistics. This should not be mistaken for transportation cost as the customer will still need to pay whatever fee the transporter charges.
    Any mortalities will be treated as itemized in article one.
  4. Mortality due to poor management: The Company shall not be responsible for mortalities due to bad management of birds.

To claim compensation from us, the following terms must be fulfilled by all affected customers:

  1. All boxes must be checked in the presence of the driver to ascertain the number of mortalities.
  2. A call must be placed to any representative of the company in the presence of the driver to report the mortalities.
  3. A picture of the dead birds must be taken at the collection point and sent immediately to any representative of the company.
  4. Failure to do any of these will lead to forfeiture of claims from the company.
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