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Handheld Electric Debeaker for Poultry

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Automatic debeaking machine


The Automatic Poultry Beak Trimming Machine is a stress-free, poultry-friendly machine. It composed of a transformer, motor, and cooling exhaust fan.

  • Equipped with motor starting boat-shaped switch and voltage adjusting multi-stage switch with an electric heating movable blade.

Beak Trimming Machine

The act of beak trimming is an age-long preventive measure.

  • Beak Trimming which is also known as ‘Debeaking’, is the partial removal of the beak of poultry. It is recommended in poultry to prevent feed wastage, egg eating, and most especially cannibalism.

Operational Guide

  1. When the switch is turned on, adjust the temperature of the movable blade till it looks reddish or bright.
  2. When the movable blade glows, start the motor switch and the boat-shaped switch.
  3. Adjust the aperture of the micro cutter blade according to the beak size.
  4. Hold the chicken’s feet with the left hand, the neck with the right thumb, and pin the throat with the forefinger of the right hand. Stick the beak of the chicken into the aperture.
  5. Bleeding stops in 2-4 second after the movable blade drops.
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