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Plastic Water Tank (Poultry Pen/Battery Cage) – 25 Litres


Battery cage I 3 tier 120 birds per unit capacity I Hot Galvanised

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Brooding Mesh 4ft x 75 ft (22.5m)


We have quality galvanized brooding mesh that will ensure your cage remains protected from corrosion and rust for quite a long period of time. Make a purchase today.

A Brooding mesh is a form of chicken mesh which is also known as hexagonal wire netting, poultry wire, or chicken wire mesh. Chicken mesh is an effective method of containing both domestic and commercial poultry. The brooding mesh has good electric conductivity thermal conductivity and ductility. It can also be used as a battery collector mesh electrodes or serve as a filtration material.

Poultry housing should provide a clean, dry, comfortable abode for the birds at least throughout the year. To brood chicks, you need adequate heat and space. The house and equipment should be clean and in good repair. Set up and warm the brooding area before the chicks arrive. Chicks will need a warm and free location with proper ventilation and access to clean water, appropriate feed and protection.

The normal brooding period, when heat is required, is from the time chicks hatch until they are about six weeks old. The main requirements are adequate space, a reliable source of heat, proper ventilation and suitable materials such as a brooding mesh.

Features of The Brooding Mesh

Specification: Brooding Mesh 4ft x 75 ft (22.5m)

Class Poultry equipment
Estimated delivery (working days) Within 7 days
Item Condition New
Item Type metal brooding mesh
Suitable For Brooding
Weight 30000 g
Dimensions 75 × 4 cm
SKU: mesh Category:
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