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Cocoa Seedlings


Hybrid cocoa seedlings that fruits early (18months) and have high yielding capacity available at cheaper prices, make your bookings now before the drought comes and you will be glad you did.

Most cocoa farmers often rely on aging, unproductive cocoa trees, often without suitable input to invest in planting new trees to regenerate their farms. It takes around five years from planting for a tree to mature, so a long-term view is needed. Replanting must be carefully planned, since replacing old but still marginally productive trees reduce cocoa production and income until the new trees start producing cocoa.

  • We offer the hybrid variety of cocoa seedlings estimated at 2-6 months of age.
  • The minimum order is 1000 seedlings and we deliver nationwide.
  • Kindly place your orders and book in advance as the delivery duration could take two months.
  • For more information, kindly consult the cocoa manual pdf document available for download after placing your order.

Cocoa Seedlings

Hybrid pollinated cocoa seedling that starts bearing flowering from 18 months. We offer pollinated cocoa pod which are disease-free with high yielding ability

  • LAND PREPARATION: slash your bush and leave the grass to decay on the farm as it will add to the fertility of the farm and after that is do your farm layout.
  • HOLE DIGGING: separate the topsoil from the bottom soil leave the hole for one week for it to lose after that put your topsoil at the bottom of the hole mix it with dump/manure and your bottom soil to cover it after planting.
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