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GAS BROODER (1000 chicks capacity)

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GAS BROODER (2000 chicks capacity)


We offer gas brooders which help to provide a source of heat for floor reared chicks. They utilize natural gas or methane, connected to a heating element-hanged 3 to 5 feet above the chick/pen floor.

  • This product works well with brooder guards (often in a diameter of 5 feet-which can hold about 200 chicks).
  • Thus, the brooder guard is raised in the middle of the circle.
  • The maximum heat source from this device can serve up to 1000 or more brooding birds
  • Recommended gas use is 0.2kg/hr for this 1000 capacity brooder.
  • Gas Brooders

    Brooding involves rearing baby chicks as newly hatched chicks do not fully develop the thermo-regulatory mechanism and homeostasis. You would need gas brooders for this crucial stage and our gas brooders are perfect for the job.

    • Thus, it is often difficult to maintain the body temperature properly for the first few weeks of life-as birds might be subjected to chilling if not properly introduced to a regulated heat source.
    • Brooding can be classified into natural and artificial brooding:
    • Natural brooding: Involves the help of broody hens after hatching, up to 3 to 4 weeks of age.
    • Artificial brooding: A large number of chicks can be reared in the absence of broody hens.
    • Equipment used for artificial brooding is called brooders. These are composed of three elements:
    1. heating source (electrical,  gases like natural gas, methane, liquid fuel like kerosene, solid fuel like coal, wood can be used as a heating material).
    2. Reflectors (concentrates the heat emanating from the heating source).
    3. Brooder guard.


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