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Hand Sprayer (Magic Farms Logo|16L)


It is a hand sprayer crafted purposely to increase the performance, usability and accomplishment of sprinkling function. Hand spraying is widely used for potato, corn, sugar cane, apple, coffee and so on. plant safety processes The high durability and productivity of them are ideal for the use of public sanitation or disinfection.

  • The provided sprayer thus enables farmers to use chemicals fairly easily, especially where there is low or inexpensive access to gasoline or other sources of fuel.
  • Could be used for plant protection in tomato, corn, sugarcane, fruit trees, coffee trees and so on.
  • They are perfect for public hygiene and disinfection.

Product Description

Type: Hand Sprayers

Brand Name: Magic Farms Logo

Sprayer Type: Hand Sprayer

Material: Plastic.

Plastic Type: PP

Color: Yellow

Power source: Manual

Working pressure: 0.2-0.3Mpa

Size: 36×17.5x51cm

Certification: CE, CCC

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Hand Sprayer

This is a hand sprayer designed to improve efficiency, usability and performance of spray applications. Therefore the sprayer helps the farmer, in particular where access to petrol or other fuels is weak or inexpensive, to apply chemicals relative ease.

The architecture of the system is new, innovative and works to improve its performance by transmitting airflow / liquid dust with high concentration and limited discharge. Hand spraying is commonly used in vegetables, rice, sugarcane, fruit trees, coffee trees, etc. for plant protection. It is very easy to use thanks to its good versatility and productivity. They are also very well suited for public sanitation and disinfection.

Its Uses

  • It is effective in controlling weeds.
  • Insect diseases can be adequately controlled.
  • For fungal diseases management by the use of fungicides.
  • Micronutrient application on plants, e.g. boron and foliar fertilizers.

Main Features Of The Hand Sprayer

  • It is a hand sprayer.
  • Good quality, and cheap.
  • Its material is PP.
  • Pleasant to use, safe operation for men.
  • Spraying can be achieved by generating pressure manually.
  • Regular & mist spray.
  • Equipped with a regulator for pressure management.
  • Durable, easy to vacuum.
  • Enables easy spraying fitted with backrest and shoulder pad.
  • Adjustable handle, useful for service.
  • This machine has high pressure, wide flow and good performance, making the premium effect very apparent.

Specification: Hand Sprayer (Magic Farms Logo|16L)

Class Outdoor equipment, Agricultural equipment
Item Condition Imported, New, portable and safe
Suitable For Chemical application via spraying
Weight 2000 g
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