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We sell metal feeders which are metal, hanging-type feeders that ensure seamless feeding and farm managerial efficiency.

  • These feeders are suitable for all ground-feeding birds. It allows for uniform distribution of feeding windows, good feed holding capacity, increased feed conversion ratio, and eliminates waste of feed.
  • With regards to poultry management, fewer feed stations result in aggressive birds, starvation, feed waste, etc.
  • Wrong-sized feeders may reduce access of birds to feed.
  • In addition, poorly designed feeders lead to feeding wasting and fouling.
  • This product provides a hygienic feeding option to avoid diseases at the preliminary stage.
  • This classic design features metallic pans and fully galvanized steel shields.
  • The adult turkey feeders also feature a durable, free-swinging, steel square drop tube. A swing-down pan allows for easy cleaning between flocks and adjustable feed levels.
  • The offered metal feeder also has an attractive color and functions to keep food fresh and dry longer.
  • Its unique design makes it easy to handle, clean, and store.
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