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Vinash systemic herbicide is a diphenyl ether group used for selective weed control in a wide variety of fruit trees, tomatoes, field crops, ornamentals, forestry, sugar cane and non-crop fields. Vinash systemic herbicide controls a wide variety of annual broadleaf and grass weeds. Vinash is used for pre-plant, pre-emergence and post-emergence purposes. Vinash has prolonged residual activity and displays a negligible amount of leaching. Minimal irrigation rain is required to trigger the residual effect.


Selective pre-and pre-emergence herbicide aimed at a wide range. The touch operation is limited. Inhibits protoporphyrinogen oxidase, which does permanent damage to the cell membrane. It is used for pre-plant, pre-emergence and post-emergence purposes.

Key features

These are key features/characteristics associated with the product Vinash:

  • Flexible combining of tanks – may be combined with other herbicides.
  • Broad-spectrum activity – Continue to be successful and prolong the action in the soil.
  • Excellent management over both broadleaf and grassy weeds.
  • Total eradication of selected weeds.

Vinash broad-spectrum herbicide

Active ingredients : Glyphosate 41% w/w
Type : Broad Spectrum non-selective post-emergence herbicide
Mode of Action : Breaks apical dominance tillering, reduces the availability of phenylalanine and thus kills unwanted plants like Cynododon Dactlyon, Kalm Grass and also Imperata Cylindrica in addition to other grasses
Recommended For : Postemergence of weeds in the field and irrigation canals.
Recommended Doses : 2.4 Lt per ha
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