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Mini Incubator for 180 Chicken Eggs/8 Ostrich Eggs Capacity (138W-220VAC-50Hz | Adapted for Electricity/Solar Power | 75AH Battery) Locally Fabricated Model


2,880 Chicken Egg Capacity KGE Incubator Powered by Kerosene/Gas/Electricity/Solar Power – 120M24 Model

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1056 Eggs Capacity Incubator (Portable and Fully Automated | Electric Powered-500W)


The 1056 egg incubator has been delivered to enhance hatchery operations for various species of birds and can easily be adjusted to adequately incubate eggs of chickens, turkeys, quails, ducks, and geese. Due to the capacity of this incubator, it requires a ventilation fan, excess heat fan, water, and air heating elements and turning motors.

  • During the incubating process, this machine utilizes an automatic turning feature to turn the eggs at the appropriate time.
  • We also have the 300, 500 and 1056 eggs capacity portable ranges. Click here to preview

1056 Eggs Capacity Incubator

The 1056 eggs capacity incubator allows for precise temperature setting and easy LED display for temperature, hatching day, egg rotation time and humidity. features unique and user-friendly designs which ensure efficient egg setting and hatching operations. It also features a viewing panel for inspection without the need to open the incubator.

Features and specifications of the 1056 eggs capacity incubator

  • Adapted for hatching medium eggs of various capacities such as 1056 chicken eggs as well as quail eggs, duck eggs, pheasant eggs, goose eggs, etc
  • A cabin made of an insulated plate in a metal finish which offers a wide range of optimal and proven brood performance for all species.
  • An electronic high-quality analog thermostat with decimal accuracy allows easy and accurate temperature setting.
  • The machine is ventilated and a special device allows the ventilation to be regulated. The adequate exchange of air with the resulting emission of carbon dioxide takes place through the corresponding ventilation openings.
  • Utilizes multi-function and microcomputer-based technology for accuracy.
  • High hatching rate (90%) with automatic humidity control (0.1% Rh) and is built to give almost zero noise.
  • Equipped with standard automatic egg handling and corresponding baskets (basic equipment for chicken eggs).
  • The temperature is read using a precision thermometer and the hygrometer with water reservoir allows precise reading of the moisture in the incubator. The removable cover for both gauges gives strength and allows for easy cleaning.
  • A viewing window attached to the door allows a good view of the incubator. Internal lighting allows you to control hatching without opening the door.

Egg incubators

Egg incubators help simulate avian incubation by regulating factors such as temperature, humidity, and turning the eggs when necessary, which mimics the role of the hen in its natural state. Incubators also eliminate external threats that could possibly harm eggs. These provide perfect conditions to enable

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The dimension of the incubator

Total weight-325kg

Specification: 1056 Eggs Capacity Incubator (Portable and Fully Automated | Electric Powered-500W)

Capacity 1056 Eggs
Suitable For Hatching poultry eggs
Item Condition Imported, New, New, portable and safe
Features Electrical heating systems | Calibrating temperature sensor reading | Heating element | Humidity alarm | Temperature alarm |
Additional information Instructional manual available
Digital LED display Available with user friendly control panel
Power 500W
Minimum Order 1 unit
Weight 325000 g
Dimensions 169 × 97 × 98 cm
SKU: inc3 Category:
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