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One of the variety of the Technisem range which combines tolerances to TYLCV and to Bacterial Wilt, COBRA 26 F1 insures productivity and fiability to Sahelian and tropical areas producers who have to confront pressures more and more complex. COBRA 26 F1 produces in abundance uniform square fruits. Square fruit with medium size (80-90 gr)•

Uniform coloration

  • Good firmness

Good conservation Fruit


Very good vigor

Very good productivity

PlantTolerances / Resistances

  • TYLCV (Tomato Yellow Leaf Curled Virus)

Very good tolerance to Bacterial Wilt – IR (Ralstonia solanacearum) – IR•

Resistant to Fusarium (Fol.0 et Fol.1) – HR

Resistant to TMV (0) and to Verticillium – HR

Very good maturity: first harvest from 65 days after planting

We sell UC82B Tomato Seeds which have gone through an intensive breeding program to become one of the leading seed varieties for tomatoes.

  • Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) belongs to the family Solanaceae and is one of the most widely eaten vegetables in the world.
  • It can be eaten fresh or in multiple processed forms.
  • The UC 82B tomato seeds germinate to produce high-quality tomato fruits which are the early determinant type with good keeping quality.
  • In addition, the fruits are firm, reddish and somewhat square-shaped.
  • In recent decades, consumption of tomatoes has been associated with the prevention of several diseases mainly due to the content of antioxidants including carotenes, ascorbic acid and phenolic compounds.
  • Read on to discover more information about the product:


Tomato UC82B: Product features

  • Variant: UC82B
  • Features: early determinant type, firm, square-shaped, red fruit with good keeping quality.
  • Planting season: dry and wet seasons
  • Seed rate: 0.4-0.6 kg/ha
  • Maturity days: 125
  • Yield: 30-35 t/ha
  • Germination: 7-14 days
  • Sow depth: 0.5 to 1cm


Growing tomato seeds

Sprinkle the seed thinly onto good quality seed compost. Cover with 1.5mm of compost and water lightly with a watering can.

If you are growing a few plants…

  • Sow two seeds into a 7.5cm pot. Keep the compost moist but be careful not to overwater as wet conditions can encourage “damping-off” disease and other mould problems.
  • After germination, remove the smaller plant.
  • Pot-on the tomato seedlings as soon as they are big enough to handle. Hold the plants by the leaves.
  • Taking care not to touch the stems, transplant them into 7.5cm pots. Protect the plant from frost, cold winds, droughts, etc.

If you want to grow them outside…

  • Make sure you dig in plenty of garden compost or manure just before planting, because tomatoes are hungry plants!
  • Plant tomatoes about 45cm apart leaving 75cm between the rows.
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