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All in one brooding equipment


Gas Brooder (1000 chicks capacity) + Automatic Debeaking Machine (5% Discount price)

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Defeathering Machine + 5 Transport Crate (5% Discount on combo products)





Defeathering machine

This machine is ideal for poultry arms or chicken supply shops to handle feather removal from chickens, ducks, turkeys, pheasants, and quail in as little as one minute. It is an efficient farm input that helps save time and the cost of production. This machine is designed as a cylindrical stainless steel jar mounted on a rectangular metal stand. The machine also has an electric motor. The inner surface of the machine has bullet-shaped rubber fittings which are sometimes called plucker fingers. When a slaughtered and scalded bird is dropped inside the de-feathering machine, the plucker fingers will get rid of the feathers as the electric motor rotates and the body of the bird rubs against the fingers.


Transport Crate

This transport crate for poultry is durable, well ventilated and economical. It is indicated for the transport of poultry to markets, farms etc. It features a high capacity handling design to ease transport, without placing a compromise on safety. The number of birds transported could vary according to location, climate, and size of crate or container. However, an approximate capacity of 20 – 25 adult birds per crate is recommended (this depends on the average size).

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