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Transport Crate for Live Poultry (with Sliding Access Door)


This transport crate for poultry is durable, well ventilated and economical. It is indicated for the transport of poultry to markets, farms etc.

It features a high capacity handling design to ease transport, without placing a compromise on safety.

Approximate capacity
  • 20 – 25 adult birds depending on their size.
The transport crate or cages are used for the efficient transport of live birds.

It is made of high-density polyethylene material, thus durable to ensure the transport of adult poultry (chickens, ducks, and other similar sized birds).

Its sturdy access door is used to add and remove poultry from the crate. It also features a slide-latch system to restrict the opening of the crates/escape of caged birds. An open grid design used to construct the bottom, sides, and top provide ventilation during transport.

Features & Benefits of the transport crate:
  • Slide-snap-lock access design door. Top access door slides and latches easily.
  • Crates  can be comfortably stacked on each other
  • High capacity handling and flexible transport of poultry to battery cages, markets etc.
  • After transport, birds can be manually removed via access doors. The crates can be washed and disinfected for another transport cycle.
  • Its design allows more air to circulate, thus reducing stress-related damage to the birds.
  • Special perforations at the base help prevent foot injuries during transport.
  • The crate system offers complete handling solutions designed for efficiency, economy, and productivity.

Our transport crates for poultry are made of durable, hygienic and synthetic materials, thus they can be re-used as often as possible without placing a compromise on safety. Whatever the transport process demands, our crates will deliver the best solution.

Approximate capacity

The number of birds transported could vary according to location, climate, and size of crate or container. However, an approximate capacity of 20 – 25 adult birds per crate is recommended (this depends on the average size).

Specification: Transport Crate for Live Poultry (with Sliding Access Door)

Item Type Chicken transport crate
Suitable For Poultry (broilers, layers, breeders etc)
Item Condition New
Features Convenient handling, Durable material, Well aerated
Capacity 20 to 25 adult birds
Weight 8000 g
Dimensions 97 × 58 × 29 cm
SKU: crate3 Category:
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