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Feed Pelletizer (Attachable to Motors | Size 32 | Size 42)


One Ton High Capacity Feed Mill (1 ton/Batch/Hr | Hammermill | Mixer | Electrical Starters)

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Feed Pelleting Machine (3 Phase – Electric Powered Model) small capacity


The Feed Pelletizing Machine is recommended for producing feed pellets, especially for fish feed.

  • It is used to convert feeds in mash form into smooth, strong pellets of 2mm, 4mm, 6mm or 8mm depending on your need.
  • The machine is simple in design and lightweight; and it is well recommended for small scale production of pellets.

Feed Pelleting Machine

The Feed pelleting machine (flat-die pelletizer) is used for converting feed ingredients that are in mash form into dry pellets resulting in strong, smooth pellets that are good for feeding livestock. Thus, it turns mash feeds into pellets without adding water, producing various sizes of pellets – 2mm for Juveniles, 4mm for post-juveniles as well as 6mm and 8mm. The size of pellets you choose to produce depends on the age and size of the fish.

Want Great-Looking & Delicious Pellets?
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When your mash feeds enters into our machine from the feed inlet at the top, the roller and die then compress the mash to form great-looking pellets.


  • The Flat Die Pelletizer is especially beneficial for small scale production as it is lightweight, has a simple structure, consumes low power and is very affordable.
  • The key components are the die and roller which are made of high-quality alloy material and is well treated with heat to ensure the durability of the machine.Flat die Pelletiizing machine
  • The machine is very easy to operate; and it produces very low noise.
  • The Flat Die Pelletizer comes in various capacities depending on your intended level of production-
  • 100-150 kg per hour (3.5-4.2 KW)
  • 200-250 kg per hour  (6.0-7.5 KW)


When you request for Quotation or Make Enquiries, please include enough information to help our experts determine what is most suitable for you.

Specification: Feed Pelleting Machine (3 Phase – Electric Powered Model)

Class Dry Pelleting Machine
Capacity Small capacity (100-150kg/hr), Medium capacity (200-250kg/hr)
Item Condition New
Estimated delivery (working days) in 1-2 weeks
Weight N/A
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