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VITACOX PLUS Anticoccidial {100g}


Amprolium 250WSP (Kepro-Holland) 100g

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KEPCOX 2.5% Oral Anticcocidial (Toltrazuril) 1 litre


Kepcox 2.5% oral is indicated for the treatment of coccidiosis in poultry, calves, sheep, goat, and pigs.

It contains 25mg/ml of Toltrazuril as its active ingredient.

Dosage and Administration of Kepcox

For oral administration via drinking water;

  • 100ml to medicate 100 liters of drinking water for continuous medication during 48 hours.
  • Alternatively, 300ml to medicate 100 liters of drinking water for 8 hours a day for 2 days(8mg/kg).
Calves, Sheep, Goat, Pigs
  • 0.8ml per kg body weight for 2 days (20mg/kg).
  1. Do not administer to breeders in production or layers producing eggs for human consumption.
  2. In case of increased or lowered water intake, adjust the medication concentrations accordingly to obtain a daily dose of 7mg toltrazuril per kg bodyweight. If necessary, repeat after 5 days.
  3. Medicated drinking water should be used within 24 hours.
Withdrawal period in meat.
  • Poultry/turkeys….19 days
  • Calves…..63 days
  • Small ruminants…..42 days
  • Pigs…..77 days

Specification: KEPCOX 2.5% Oral Anticcocidial (Toltrazuril)

Item Type Anticoccidial formulation for livestock
Suitable For Administration in livestock drinking water
Size 100ml, 1 litre
Packaging 100ml bottles | 1 litre gallon
Country of Origin Deventer, Holland
Weight N/A
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