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Manure Dryer (Electric Powered 2 Tons Capacity)


We offer manure dryer which has been designed to dry the manure produced in livestock farms and eliminate odors, insects, and gases derived from ammonia.

  • This machine is easy to operate, durable, and highly efficient.

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Manure Dryer

We offer manure dryer which has been designed to dry the manure produced in livestock farms. The machine dries the manure and eliminates odors, insects, and gases derived from the ammonia

Importance of dried, processed manure

  • The quick-drying method of manure ensures that the proteins are not transformed into ammonia and therefore the ammonia gas expulsion is decreased to more than 90%.
  • Properly processed, dried manure is a highly marketable fertilizer that creates added value to livestock farms.
  • The nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other rich nutrients contained in manure make it an extremely effective fertilizer once treated.
  • The organic matter in manures can improve soil structure, aeration, water infiltration, and soil moisture-holding volume.
  • Dry fertilizer also has many added benefits when compared with wet waste applications, including less potential for runoff, an increase in the number of available application days, and an increase in available application sites.


The duration of the drying process depends on the starting humidity of manure, the humidity, the volume of the air used, and the frequency of the clearing operations.


Advantages of using manure dryer

  • It improves the living condition of chickens and reduces the density of ammonia which has an effect on the health of chickens.
  • Low costs for energy and no heating installations.
  • Drastic reduction of the presence of ammonia (up to 95%) on the farm.
  • Low residual water content, up to a minimum of 15%.
  • High profitability of the final product, thanks to low weight and volume.
  • Easy to operate, durable, and highly efficient.
  • The cost of disposal is easily reduced, and in some cases, completely eliminated.
  • Reduction in volume of manure, while adding value.


Problems created by fresh, wet manure

  • Serious environmental issues.
  • Excessive disposal fees.
  • Government fines for non-regulated manure disposals.
  • Additional challenges from transportation and storage.
  • Serious health issues to your animals and even the animal handlers.
  • It can make the farmhouse smell horribly bad, decreasing on-farm conformability.
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