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Artificial Insemination Kit (Semen Gun)


Directions on How to Use the  Automatic Artificial Insemination Kit

  • Take off catheter cover (9)
  • Insert nozzle of catheter into semen bowl
  • Press release rod (6) downwards
  • Pull plunger nut (5) backward to suck up semen
  • Adjust dose requires: Roll adjuster dose clockwise to reduce dose; Roll adjuster counter-clockwise to increase dose
  • Volume catheter is 2ml amount total of 50 scales, each scale volume is 0.02mls and adjustable upwards
  • Put nipple on catheter and insert into trigger
  • To refill, push trigger (8) backward, insert nozzle of catheter into semen bowl, press release Red (6) and pull plunger (5)


  • It is designed for rapid mass insemination in poultry and other birds
  • It is made of fine quality materials for user quality and quantitative services
  • Durable, reliable, accurate and easy to use for chickens and other small animals
  • Volume of catheter is 2ml and total of 50 scales
  • Each scale volume is 0.02mls


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