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Pox Cure | For Poultry | (100g)


Poultry Pox Cure consists of antibiotics and vitamins which is recommended for the care and prevention of acute and recurrent pox infections in poultry.

Its dosage and how it can be administered:

1g per litre for prevention for 3 to 5 days

2g per litre for treatment for 3 to 5 days.

Pox cure has as its components antibiotics and vitamins. It is used for the care and prevention of severe and persistent diseases in Poultry Pox. Fowlpox is a common epidemic in poultry triggered by viruses of the Poxviridae family and the Avipoxvirus family. Fowlpox virus is a slow-spread infectious disease that induces skin lesions or wet pox. The prevalence of the disease differs depending on the environment, administration, sanitation and the usage of vaccines regularly.

How to prevent and control fowlpox using pox cure

  • Apply the drug on the infected birds.
  • An early-stage vaccine is strongly advised since it protects the individual from being contaminated with the disease.
  • It is also essential to monitor mosquitoes in the areas where birds are housed.

Treatment using pox cure

If your bird is restless and not eating as much food as normal, it is worth giving them pox cure. Birds may find it very painful to eat but may find it less painful to drink; therefore supplements in their water will be of benefit.


  • Ampicillin Trihydrate                    20%
  • Vitamin C                                        20mg
  • Penicillin                                          20%
  • Vitamin k                                         15mg


The formulation is used to manage and avoid acute and persistent diseases of pox in poultry.

Instructions to note:

  • It is for veterinary use only
  • Keep below 25C
  • Store in a dry cool place Keep below 25C

Specification: Pox Cure | For Poultry | Vanguard (100g)

Item Type Anti-pox medication
Suitable For Poultry species: Inclusion in drinking water
Minimum Order 5 sachets
Payment Term Full Payment
Country of Origin Nigeria
Weight 100 g
SKU: anti8 Category:
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