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Premium Day Old broiler Chick [Abor Acre Plus] Per Carton (50 pieces)


Day old Isa brown pullets (Premium brand)

Pullet Isa brown DOC

Quality Point-of-Lay Hens (ISA Brown)12 weeks


Do you wish to own high-quality Isa Brown point-of-lay birds at a hugely discounted price? You are at the right place.

  • Our point-of-lay birds, which are of Isa Brown breed, are of good health and optimal size.
  • Partaking in this offer, you would also stand a chance of winning a disinfectant fogger machine.
  • Kindly book ahead and make payment to secure your order. Delivery/wait duration is between 4 to 10 weeks after processed orders.
  • We always inspect farms (quality control) and ensure only the best birds are dispatched to you.
  • Our standards (birds are often starved before transport which may quite affect the weight upon arrival):
    • 14 weeks (Average weight of 0.65 to 0.8kg | 70-80% flock uniformity)
    • Our standards for 12 weeks: Average weight of 0.5 to 0.8kg | 70-80% flock uniformity
    • Kindly note that birds might not have been debeaked before dispatch as some customers prefer supervising this themselves.
    • Birds might not have been debeaked before dispatch as some customers prefer supervising this themselves.
minimum order – 500

Point-of-Lay Birds

Point-of-Lay is the phrase we use to describe pullets that are approaching the age they will start laying eggs. How soon they start laying depends on their parent stock as well as the condition of brooding and rearing.

  • Expected laying period ranges from 18 to 22 weeks of age. Thus, an early purchase enables the hens to adapt to farm conditions and management practices.
  • The 12 weeks old point-of-lay hens have completed all the required vaccinations for their age (you will need to get a veterinarian to complete the remaining vaccinations).
  • They are raised under very conducive conditions and properly managed to ensure they deliver well on your farm.

Expert advice on these point-of-lay birds

  • Most professionals advise new farmers to start chicken egg production with point-of-lay hens. That’s why we have really worked hard to ensure you have peace of mind as a new or old poultry farmer.
  • At point-of-lay (16 weeks of age), the hens have scaled through the most difficult parts of raising chickens, after being raised by experienced professionals.
  • Depending on how well you manage the chickens on your farm, we expect our point-of-lay hens to cross 50% egg production within 2 to 3 months and reach over 80% egg production or more within 4 to 5 months of the collection from us.
  • Kindly note that the 3-in-1 EDS vaccine is not administered to the 16 weeks old layers as customers prefer to supervise the vaccination themselves. Customers who wish to pre-order and supervise the vaccination of the birds with the 3-in-1 EDS vaccine can click here for additional information.
  • Kindly inform us on other custom characteristics you need and let’s talk pullet rearing.

Specification: Quality Point-of-Lay Hens (ISA Brown | Anniversary Offer)

Age 18 weeks, 12 Weeks, 14 Weeks, 16 Weeks
Suitable For Continual production of table eggs
Estimated delivery (working days) Within 7 days
Country of Origin Nigeria
Payment Term Full Payment
Weight 1000 g
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