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Defeathering Machine Rubber Plucker – 100pieces


Chicken Plucker Fingers (For De-feathering Machine)-Pack of 100 Rubber Fingers

Chicken plucker fingers
Product features
  • Standard size chicken plucker replacement fingers
  • Medium-durometer-hardness rubber
  • Finest quality ultra-soft plucking fingers
  • Ideal for use on feather plucking machines.
  • Fits into the holes of the de-feathering machine
  • Recommended for poultry, duck, small turkey

A drum style feather plucking machine consists of a stainless steel barrel lined with these rubber plucking fingers. As the base of the barrel spins, these fingers rub against the poultry (previously killed and dipped in hot water) removing the birds’ feathers quickly and efficiently.

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