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Quinoprim (Water Soluble Antibiotic/Anticoccidial Powder) 100g


AMPROLIN-300 Anticoccidial {100g}

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Embazin-Forte Anticoccidial With Vitamin K (30g) per pack


Embazin-Forte is a broad spectrum anticoccidial agent indicated for the fast and effective control of coccidiosis in chickens and rabbits.

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Embazin-Forte is a broad-spectrum anticoccidial agent with vitamin K.

Composition of Embazin-Forte
  • Sulphaquinoxaline B.P. …9.4g
  • Diaveridine B.P.V. ……….0.98g
  • Vitamin K…………………….0.053g
Dosage and Administration

Dissolve the content of 30g sachet in 50 liters of drinking water, give medicated water for three days, plain water for two days then medicated water for another three days (3-2-3).


Contraindicated in animals sensitive to sulphonamides.

  • Use disinfectant-free water
  • May cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • For veterinary use only
  • Store in a dry, dark place (max. 30oC).
  • Store in closed packing, away from air.
  • Keep away from children.

Specification: Embazin-Forte Anticoccidial With Vitamin K (30g)

Item Type Anticoccidial medication
Species Poultry, Rabbits
Suitable For Administration in drinking water
Packaging 1 carton (1000 sachets/40 packs), Half Carton (500 sachets/20 packs), One pack (25 sachets)
Minimum Order 1 box
Country of Origin Nigeria
Weight 100 g
SKU: cocci2 Category:
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