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Salmonella Oil Vaccine (1000-Dose)


Our Salmonella Oil Emulsion Vaccine, which was developed by Biovac Biological Laboratories, is a bivalent vaccine and offers wide-range protection against salmonellosis.

  • In order to maintain/preserve the efficacy of this product, always maintain cold chain at 2 – 8⁰C.
  • Do not freeze the vaccine, protect from direct sunlight.
  • All vaccine orders must be certified by a veterinarian and they shall be handled only by qualified personnel.

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Salmonella oil

We offer Salmonella oil emulsion vaccine which is a bivalent and inactivated vaccine consisting of Salmonella enteritidis and Salmonella typhimurium.

  • The vaccine can decrease public health risk caused by Salmonella organisms in poultry products by reducing the colonization of reproductive tissues and faecal shedding.
  • Although live vaccines usually have better protective effects when compared with inactivated vaccines, the humoral response, highly inducible by inactivated vaccines, is especially important for conferring maternal antibodies to the progeny.
  • The vaccine is recommended for the protection of chickens and turkeys against Salmonella infection.
  • This vaccine was developed by Biovac Biological Laboratories, using metabolic drift mutations which are mutations in essential enzymes and metabolic regulatory centres.
  • On per-oral vaccination, this vaccine elicits protection by the invasion and multiplication of Salmonella in the mucosa-associated lymphatic tissues (MALT) and gut-associated lymphatic tissues (GALT) such as Peyer’s patches.
  • The vaccine strain survives and multiplies for a period of time just sufficient for eliciting a protective response.
  • Do not freeze this vaccine, store at 2ºC-8ºC.


Precautions to take

  • Use by instructions of a veterinarian.
  • Vaccinate only a healthy flock.
  • Ensure you apply stringent aseptic procedure.
  • Warm vaccine to room temperature (20ºC-25ºC) just before use.
  • Shake well before and during use.
  • Vaccinate birds between 9-12 weeks of age.
  • Administer two separate doses 3-4 weeks apart.
  • Discard and destroy unused vaccine.
  • Do not expose vaccine to direct sunlight.
  • In case humans are mistakenly injected with the oil emulsion, see a physician immediately.


Salmonella oil: Administration and dosage

  • 0.5 ml per bird subcutaneously (S.C.)

Specification: Salmonella Oil Emulsion Vaccine (1000-Dose) + Transport Flask

Class Vaccines
Estimated delivery (working days) Within 7 days
Features Comes with diluent
Minimum Order 1 pack, there are 10 vials in a pack
Suitable For Wide-range protection against salmonellosis
Weight 100 g
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