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Vir-116 ND Lasota

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Vaccine for stimulation of life-long immunity against coccidiosis in layers and breeders of domestic poultry (Gallus domesticus). The immunity will develop 10 – 14 days after vaccination.

1 mL of Livacox® Q contains 30,000 – 50,000 oocysts of each attenuated lines of Eimeriatenella, E.
acervulina and E. maxima and 10,000 oocysts of E. necatrix in 1 % w/v water solution of chloramine B.

Livacox® Q should be administered orally to chickens 1 – 10 days old. Shake the bottle well and dilute its content with the appropriate amount of drinking water as indicated below. To ensure consumption of the whole vaccination dose by every one chicken stimulate thirst by discontinuing the water supply for 2 hours before vaccination. The birds should then drink all the water containing Livacox® Q dry within next 2 hours. Livacox® Q can be administered either through individual waterers or via central watering tank connected to automatic drinkers including nipple watering systems. Please, provide adequate number of drinkers so that all birds can receive the correct dose of the vaccine.

Vaccine dilution should be adjusted to chickens´ age and temperature in the poultry house. Use following formula to achieve optimal dosage: 1 L of water for every 1,000 chickens and every day of their age.
(Example: For vaccination of 5,000 four-day-old chickens dilute 50 mL (1 mL = 100 doses) of Livacox® Q in 5 x 4 = 20 liters of drinking water.)

This way of administration is particularly suitable for vaccination of one-day-old chickens in hatcheries.
Shake the bottle well and dilute its content with the appropriate amount of water as indicated below.
Then apply in coarse spray to chickens already placed in transport crates. Sprayed chickens must be kept in the crates for next 3 hours at least.

For every 100 chickens, use 1 mL (= 100 doses) of Livacox® Q diluted in 19 mL of water. Add a drop of an approved food colorant to be sure all chickens were covered.
Keep in mind that each 100-chicken crate must get full amount (=100 doses) of the vaccine regardless eventual lower number of chickens in it.

1. Chickens to be vaccinated with Livacox® Q must be healthy and raised under good management conditions.
2. Do not use anticoccidial drugs or furazolid¬one in feed during the whole growing period.
3. Discontinue the use of sulphonamides and amprolium for at least 2 days before and 14 days after the vaccination with Livacox® Q.
4. Dilute Livacox® Q with cold drinking water only.
5. Provide adequate number of drinkers so that all birds can receive the correct dose of the vaccine.
6. Inform the diagnostic laboratory to which carcasses of vaccinated chickens are sent that the chickens were vaccinated with Livacox® Q; otherwise the presence of coccidian oocysts originating from the vaccine could lead to false diagnosis of coccidiosis.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: No negative interactions of Livacox® Q with other vaccination programs used in poultry production and rearing are known.


SHELF LIFE: 9 months from the date of manufacture.
STORAGE: Store between +2 and +8 °C out of reach of children. Do not freeze!
PACKAGING: Available in 1,000 and 5,000 doses.

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