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Vir-110, AE (Avian Encephalomyelitis)

Vir-110, AE (Avian Encephalomyelitis)


Vir-106 ND B1

Vir-106 ND B1

Vir-102 Fowl Pox + Diluent


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Fowl Pox, freeze dried live vaccine 

Composition:  Each dose contains: Attenuated virus of Fowl Pox, at least 103.0 EID50.
Indications: Immunization of chickens and turkeys against Fowl Pox.

Administration and dosage: Use by instructions of a veterinarian.

Reconstitution: Reconstitute immediately prior to use:
Reconstitute the vaccine with vireo fowl pox diluent. For manual needle application, use 4 ml of diluent, per 1000 doses. For automatic Fowl Pox syringe, use 2.5 ml diluent, per 1000 doses. The vaccine is applied by the wing web method. Dip the enclosed needle into the diluted vaccine and vaccinate each bird through the skin in the wing-web area. Redip the needle for each bird.
Turkeys- The vaccine should be applied twice.
The vaccine may be used with an automatic fowl pox syringe. Ensure that syringe was properly sterilized in boiling water.
Takes- 20-25 vaccinated birds should be examined 7-9 days after vaccination for evidence of takes. A scab or swelling of the skin at the site of vaccine application as a positive reaction. At least 80% positive birds is an evidence of successful vaccination.
– Vaccinate healthy flock only.
– Discard unused remained vaccine.

Withdrawal period: None

Vaccine: Store at 2°- 8°C, protected from direct sun light.
Diluent: Store in a cool and dark place.

Vaccine:  Available  in 1,000 doses.
Diluent: Each box contains 10 vials of 4 ml, for manual needle application, or 2.5 ml for automatic Fowl Pox syringe

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