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CHI Day old Broiler [Arbor Acre ] per carton


Premium Day Old broiler Chick [Abor Acre Plus] Per Carton (50 pieces)

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Agrited Ross 308 Broilers (Commercial Day-old Chicks) per carton


Agrited Broilers offer the Ross 308 strain of broilers from Agrited Hatchery, which satisfies the demands of customers who require a bird that performs consistently well and has the versatility to meet a broad range of end product requirements.

  • Our day old chicks are produced under high bio-security, hygienic environment and from high-quality parents.
  • We also ensure they are adequately vaccinated for their age.
  • These broilers feature an impressive growth rate, feed conversion ratio, livability, and good dressing weight.
  • The price here is for a carton of 50 chicks.
  • Schedule for vaccination/medication and product information guides will be forwarded to your emails upon placement of successful orders.

The Ross 308 is recognized globally as a broiler that will give consistent performance in the broiler house. Integrated and independent producers value the growth rate, feed efficiency and robust performance of the Ross 308. The Ross 308 is a fast growing, feed efficient broiler with good meat yield. Cost-effective production of chicken meat depends on achieving good bird performance.

Benefits of Purchasing Agrited Broiler (Ross 308)

These are:

  • Good quality chicks from disease-free parent stocks
  • Fast growing broilers
  • It ensures farmers to have good optimum profitability

Additional tips for raising broilers

  • Preheat the sheds three days before placement, so that when the chicks arrive the concrete and bedding will be warm enough (as the chick’s body will be in contact with the floor, thus failure to have adequate floor temperatures will mean the chicks are likely to huddle especially if the heat source is not enough).
  • Bedding: Wood shavings are ideal. Therefore ensure there are no pieces of foreign materials (glass or metal) and ensure bedding material is dry.
  • Always monitor your birds closely to ensure a good spread of chicks and flock activity.
  • Strictly adhere to the vaccination and medication schedule sent to your email after purchase.
  • Involve the services of qualified veterinary personnel as well, for the routine farm visits, vaccinations, prophylactic treatment etc.

Specification: Agrited Ross 308 Broilers (Commercial Day-old Chicks)

Class Day-old broilers
Item Type Agrited Ross 308 broilers
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