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Miavit Vit.E+Se 100/50 1Ltr


Chicken Couplet Feed Additives (100g Sachets)

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Monensin + Vit-E


Coccidiostats and histomonistas: 100.000,00 mg (E5 1701)
Monensin-na Vitamins, Pro-vitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effect.

Monensin + Vit E
It’s feed supplement which protects layers, broilers and breeders against gut parasites. Eimeria species is responsible for the destruction in tissues in the intestine that causes extensive damage to the intestinal micro flora and as such results into necrotic enteritis. Due to coccidiosis, poultry flocks will show reduced feed efficiency which means a waste of nutrient and will end up with reduced daily weight gain.
In the case of coccidiosis, morbidity and mortality will increase therefore, efficiency and profitability of the flock will be at high risk.

Monensin + Vit E effectively clears out different Eimeria species thereby helping to keep up the integrity of the gut and its functions

  • Serves as the natural antioxidant: Protects cells and keep up their stability and prevents liver damage.
  • Functions significantly in the immune system: it stimulates antibody production phagocytosis and resistance to diseases.
  • Protects muscle cells and avoids degeneration of muscle fibres, it helps chicken build up a robust foundation for a successful production performance.
  • Increase egg productivity; as a result of better nutrient digestibility, higher feed intake and feed efficiency.

Monensin + Vit E is recommended to be offered as soon as possible. Administer for birds between 3 days of age after hatching and 14 weeks of age. (If necessary, continue for 2 weeks beyond). It’s advised to follow recommended dosage strictly for maximum performance.

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